In addition to providing psychiatric evaluations, our team at PSGP also offers:

  • Medication management

  • Clozaril (clozapine) management including in-office blood draws

  • Genetic testing through IDgenetix

  • In-office laboratory draws and urine drug screens through Biotech Clinical Laboratories

  • Administration of long-acting medications

About our genetic testing

The IDgenetix® Advantage

The IDgenetix® Testing Process Consists of Three Important Steps

Obtaining therapeutic benefit from a medication is dependent on the functioning of metabolic enzymes and key transporter and receptor proteins at the biological site of action.

Each IDgenetix test analyzes genes and gene mutations with a demonstrated role in influencing medication response, including efficacy or adverse events.

IDgenetix testing provides tailored treatment recommendations for each patient by utilizing our bioinformatic algorithm to integrate patient specific health information with comprehensive genetic results.